The Expo’s core message of “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” could not have been more spot-on. I collaborated with groundbreaking innovators as we examined issues of sustainability, mobility, opportunity, and so much more. We engaged in a lively, spirited, and diplomatic way to examine hopeful solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems. 


Regardless of our country of origin, we all prioritized our families, careers, and responsibilities to our nations and future generations. Seeing how each country responded to these themes was inspiring to know that no matter our upbringing, we all hold similar values close to our hearts. It gave me hope for future legislation and the chance to leave a lasting, positive, international impact.


I have always advocated for kindness, compassion, walking in each other’s shoes, and of course, the Golden Rule –  treating people the way we want to be treated. I was able to both give and receive these same transformational values at the Expo, validating that coming together in dedicated, creative communities is increasingly necessary to improve and reshape our world systems.