Bolognese Sauce

Everything worth having is worth waiting for.

Bolognese sauce is easy to make but it does take a little time. And since the global pandemic has me spending more time at home, I decided to use the extra time to make one of my favorite Italian sauces (and the pasta to go with it of course)! Brought to you from Rosebud Ranch, my latest cooking demonstration features my new set of knives from Shawn and Jenni, an experiment with a Cuisinart food processor whose usefulness is debatable, and the secret to making any dish taste better as taught to me by my dear friend Kim Tucci, may he rest in peace. 

Pour yourself a good drink (a Whistlepig Manhattan perhaps), grab a pen if you like to write down ingredients or instructions, and let’s go!


This is a special quiche because it’s one that everybody likes. Even if you say you don’t eat quiche, you are about to love this one! It’s my favorite and it’s really easy to make. Basically, all you have to do is pre-bake a pie crust, cook some onions, scallions, and a little bit of garlic, and then throw it in the pie crust with feta, cheddar cheese, spinach, eggs, and milk. It takes about 45-55 minutes in total to cook and then voilà — you have a perfect quiche.