I am always excited to see how Clayco’s use of transformational design-build technology helps our construction projects come together so efficiently. Our construction innovation paired with technology and automotive innovation produced a 400,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art battery manufacturing facility for XALT Energy (Dow Kokam). This futuristic plant produces affordable lithium-ion batteries and consistent energy solutions for customers in the expanding electric vehicle market.

The single-story manufacturing plant includes 45-foot clear heights and clean-dry rooms for manufacturing processes as well as 600 million additional watt-hours and incorporated battery pack assembly equipment and production. It was also built with insulated tilt-up concrete wall systems and features glass exterior design elements.

Through technology, our team worked with our customer to visualize and reimagine how the facility would be designed, built and operated. I am excited to see how this manufacturing plant impacts the growing electric vehicle industry in the coming years!