To the average person, a Clayco crane may only seem like just that – a crane. But to me, they symbolize so much more. Our cranes represent the hard work, determination, energy, and bold commitment to progress that goes into every project we work on. Plus, they’re cool to see in action!

I love seeing all of Clayco’s cranes on our building sites nationwide. They are a very tall and important reminder of the progress we have made in the construction industry and the communities where we operate. Our cranes are an example of the standards we set for fresh and innovative ways to do business. 

The way our cranes pierce the sky and transform skylines is similar to how our Clayco team works to pave the way for others to reach new heights, elevate neighborhoods, and change the trajectory of the future for the better. When you do something you love, you have a way better chance of being great at it – which is why our team is the best in business!

When our iconic cranes go up at one of our project building sites, it is always a cause for celebration. I always enjoy witnessing our progress on the ground, but it is truly a sight to behold to see it from above.

I look forward to seeing where our Clayco cranes go up next!