The newest Costco in University City, Missouri, has had a fantastic response since its recent opening! The facility anchors the larger Market at Olive redevelopment at Interstate 170 Olive Boulevard that Clayco is constructing with Larry Chapman, CEO of Seneca Commercial Real Estate. 

The aim is to transform the area into a commercial hotspot with almost 50 acres of retail space, restaurants, apartments, offices, a hotel, and more. Costco was the first retailer to open in the U City structure, which will add increasing value to the region as more businesses prepare for their grand opening. 

Costco’s mission is to continually provide members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. Like Clayco, Costco has a strong, human-centric mission to positively contribute to the communities where it does business by supporting children, education, health and human services, and beyond. 

Most buildings in Market at Olive will be underway by spring 2023 and will enhance the area with a hot market. Clayco loves Costco and our continued collaborations that improve the lives of residents!