Known for their determination to get the job done, American postal workers often endure harsh conditions to keep loved ones, businesses, and officials connected. Now, Clayco is helping the United States Postal Service in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, upgrade its facility to better assist its customers and communities. 

As America’s technology and businesses become increasingly electrified, the USPS is following suit and moving toward greener energy. This project will help modernize USPS’ delivery network with electric vehicle charging stations and improved package handling. It will also help centralize carrier operations in new and extensive sorting and delivery centers and make processes more efficient. 

This development will enable the postal service to utilize more battery-electric vehicles with more optimal operational routes and facilities with enhanced electricity infrastructure to support the charging stations. Overall, a benefit to the bottom line of business and the environment! 

With improved infrastructure, space, equipment (and a little help from Clayco), the USPS will expand sustainably into a more eco-friendly and effective future. 

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