George Stock is a civil engineer and the president of the firm Stock & Associates, based in St. Louis. He is also a great friend, citizen, and family man. We started our careers around the same time and have helped each other hone our crafts. In total, we have worked on over 1000 projects together all across the country.  

Clayco and Stock & Associates have a tremendous working relationship, in which Stock has provided the civil engineering expertise behind some of our largest projects, including the Saint Louis University mixed-use development project, the Pfizer R&D Facility, and the Centene Headquarters project. 

While many firms think only the local engineers can get the job done, we have learned that creative, extremely viable, and accurate technical drawings win the day all across the country.

The firm provides civil engineering, construction management and inspection, drawing preparation, land planning, and land surveying in 42 states across the country.