Gary Cooper is the CEO and Chairman of the Board at Cooper Steel in Nashville, TN. Cooper Steel is a national leader in steel fabrication and erection and one of Clayco’s most valued subcontractors. Clayco and Cooper Steel have worked on projects together such as the Volkswagen Battery Plant and The Cubes in Alabama.

Although we have worked together on hundreds of projects, one of our greatest efforts together was Project Hercules for Citigroup. They needed three 150,000 sq. ft. call centers built in three different cities within 9 ½ months, including design, permitting, and furnishing. The biggest challenge was steel and we called Cooper.

They work on projects across the country in the manufacturing, industrial, healthcare, education, distribution, and commercial sectors. Cooper Steel is also proactive with its onsite safety measures, which I appreciate because safety is our top priority.

I admire Gary and Cooper Steel because they have proven to be true partners in building, but also in serving the community. They have generously supported causes that are important to Clayco, my family, and the nation.