Clayco, the design team of Mackey Mitchell Architects and Lamar Johnson Collaborative have had the chance to work on many great projects with the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). It’s been a great opportunity to work together to promote student life by increasing student capacity, adding amenities, and creating a dense urban campus – like with the SCAD Forty Four development!

The 384,000-square-foot development will provide 1,000 new beds to meet the demand on campus for SCAD Atlanta’s growing student population. SCAD Forty Four is a two-tower mixed-use project that offers dining and fitness amenities, academic space, a parking garage, a campus store, a performance theater, and more.

This project is being completed in two phases on the Midtown Atlanta campus. Phase I, within the northernmost building, was completed in August 2022 and included 581 student beds, a dining hall, and a parking garage. Now, Phase two is underway with the construction of more beds and community spaces and is expected to be completed by August 2023.

LJC has done an excellent job of maintaining the aesthetic brand of SCAD, helping it integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment. Our teams have also worked to help create a safe pedestrian campus for future occupants in every capacity of our building.

I look forward to seeing how SCAD Forty Four brings a fresh feel to campus life and provides space for students to connect with their peers and community. Our work with SCAD always highlights our commitment to the Art and Science of Building!