Zero injuries on the job site is possible. This has been our vision at Clayco from the beginning, and one that I am very proud we have pioneered in our industry. When Clayco started, standard industry safety measures were outdated, and we opted to be proactive rather than reactive. However, safety is not limited to physical safety on the job site — we have created a “safety net” that extends over every single employee, every subcontractor, and every client relationship. Creating a safe place for every person in every aspect of our work is Clayco’s number one priority. No job, in the field or in the office, is so important that it cannot be done safely.

Our safety rates have beaten industry averages for the past nine years. We are continually improving our processes to enhance our zero injury culture. One of our latest safety initiatives is the Stretch & Flex Program: a stretching program that provides work-specific stretches to help our employees increase their overall flexibility and range-of-motion. Every job site participates in the program and employees stretch together before their shift, during breaks, and after finishing for the day. 

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