We headed way out west on our most recent leg of the Ride the Wave tour, and we sure saw a lot of great things happening on the ground at all of our building sites this past week.

We started Monday off with a visit to Washington, and I stopped by Project Fireball in Spokane Valley and Quincy MWH06 in Wenatchee. I also visited Project Winlock in Winlock on Tuesday morning before heading on to the NP Chewy project in Reno, Nevada and Project Shelby in Sacramento, California. On Wednesday, we toured Project Big Bird in Tracy, California and a confidential facility in Bakersfield, California, before heading down to Otay Mesa (San Diego) to see progress on the Arcilla and Herminito building sites. We finished the week with stops at “The Cubes” and 303 Glendale, two of our new projects in Glendale, Arizona.

This past week was also Safety Week in the construction industry, and all throughout the Ride the Wave tour, it’s been amazing to see just how seriously my teams take safety precautions on our job sites. Safety is one of our most important values as a company, and it makes me proud to see firsthand the commitment our team members have to make our projects the best and safest they can be. I’m impressed to see how this safety-first mission is upheld across all our teams and how we’re still united as one company no matter where we are in the country. Be it on the East Coast or West Coast, you can still see a single platform that our customers have come to rely on.

I don’t only do these tours to check up on our progress. I also believe these visits offer so many opportunities for us to learn from each other and really come together in the face of challenges. And seeing just how quickly these buildings have gone up despite all of the uncertainty of the pandemic is very inspiring to me and speaks to everyone’s hard work and dedication to getting the job done right, no matter what.