Clayco’s next project is taking flight to meet expected travel needs! 

Our integrated team is working to expand Idaho Falls Airport’s (IDA) existing infrastructure capabilities to meet demand over the next 30 years. As the state’s second busiest airport (#1 being Boise Airport), it saw 316,044 passengers depart and an additional 312,285 fly into the facility, totaling 628,329 passengers for 2022 – a new record! 

Now, the number of passengers is predicted to increase as the airport ramps up its flights and offerings to accommodate and attract new visitors. IDA is the gateway to Idaho’s city on the river and Yellowstone adventures. With Clayco’s terminal renovations and improvements, the airport will be closer to matching the beauty of Idaho’s many natural wonders, only a short drive away.

Clayco has taken on air terminal developments across the country, including the expansion of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and Fort Wayne International Airport. These projects will transform communities and enable key US cities to remain competitors on the global stage. 

Great job to our Clayco and Concrete Strategies teams for helping travelers reach their destinations with improved space, service, and efficiency. I look forward to our continued collaboration with cities to unlock their potential with transformative projects.

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