Clayco is underway in the design and build of one of the most important projects in the US. Group14 Technologies, a global manufacturer and supplier of advanced silicon battery technology, is on a quest to electrify the world. Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative are providing fully integrated engineering, procurement, and construction services for Group14’s new silicone anode factory in Moses Lake, WA.

Group14 created its one-million-square-foot campus to be home to the world’s largest factory of advanced silicon battery materials for EV programs to meet global decarbonization targets. This new 520,000-square-foot facility is the second plant of its kind on the campus and will bring new performance capabilities and increase the capacity and range of Lithium Ion batteries as the nation transitions to EVs.

Clayco’s brand family shares similar values as Group14, and we collaborate to implement initiatives into every operation that reflect our company and community goals. Group14 believes a more sustainably powered world requires solutions for today, and our Clayco team works to make creative solutions a reality. 

The plant is expected to open the first two of up to six planned manufacturing modules in 2024 and hire 200 employees for daily operations, including manufacturing workers and engineers. The facility’s initial two modules will be capable of producing 2,000 tons per year of advanced silicon battery material.

Clayco and Group14 continually push beyond the conventional to deliver the incredible. I look forward to seeing how this facility will positively impact the region and provide consistent energy solutions in the expanding electric vehicle market.