Clayco is always thinking of the bigger picture. We are at our best when we can work on large-scale projects, developing long-term relationships with our clients. It’s always fantastic when we are able to work with companies on projects that grow the economy, create long-term jobs, and impact communities in a positive way.

A great example of this is our projects with Dollar General. We were selected to build six of their regional distribution centers across the country. This is an enormous 6 million square feet of facility space, spread out across Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, New York, and Nebraska.



Building more than bricks and mortar is part of our DNA. With this great client, we can expand our own mission by helping Dollar General in their own simple, powerful mission: serving others.

The team has been excited to partner with Leo A. Daly on the architecture of five of the projects and with our own Lamar Johnson Collaborative for the building in Nebraska. Each project represents an enormous amount of concrete and steel construction and the plans include warehouse, shipping, and office spaces, as well as vehicle maintenance facilities and guardhouse.

With these new distribution centers, Dollar General will be able to better serve their vendors, stores, and customers throughout each of these regions. Being part of the expansion of a retail company after a year that has been tough on all businesses is no small thing.

Each new project has an immediate significant impact on the local area, with construction jobs that average almost 450,000 man-hours and approximately 400 new full-time team members at the recently completed facility in Montgomery County, NY, as one example.

It’s great to see our teams at work across the country and solidifying a successful partnership with a great partner like Dollar General.


New York