Missouri has played a fundamental role in Clayco’s history and my own. I grew up and started Clayco in the St. Louis region, and it is a heartfelt focus of mine to help the area regain its past glory. As the next step toward this mission, I am thrilled to announce the relocation and expansion of our St. Louis offices and operations center! 

Our St. Louis regional offices will come together in Berkeley, Missouri, in a newly recycled and renovated Clayco hub. What’s truly serendipitous about this is that Clayco designed and built the office for another company 11 years ago – and soon, it will be our new home. The 230,000-square-foot facility in NorthPark Development will accommodate over 1,000 team members committed to engaging the local community with their time and hands.

Centralizing Clayco’s Missouri offices and facilitating significant new job creation shows our long-term commitment to building on a revitalizing trajectory for the region. We expect to attract and retain at least 400 additional employees in the coming years to aid in the proactive and continued planning for Berkeley and beyond. Our vibrant and collaborative workspace will foster creativity and innovation, support employee wellness goals, and give our growing team optimal room and resources to do its best work. 

We will also double down on being a vocal advocate for positive regional change. The area needs leadership to reverse the outward flow of businesses and jobs to become safer, better educated, and better employed. Clayco works with local organizations to support economic development, education, the arts, medical research, disaster relief, as well as opportunities for minorities, youth, and the underprivileged – and we’re just getting started. 

While Chicago will continue to be our corporate headquarters, by September 2024 we will relocate many of our design-build construction functions, including operations, business unit leadership, architecture, process engineering, safety, IT, marketing, finance/accounting, and talent management, as well as Concrete Strategies, Clayco Design & Engineering and Consolidated Distribution Company, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, CRG, Ventana, and all our regional functions to the new operations center. This move ensures St. Louis and Missouri will remain an integral part of Clayco’s future, and we are grateful to everyone who helped us reach this incredible milestone.

I can’t wait to see the transformative strides we make as we add a new office full of fresh talents, perspectives, and momentum to our team! 

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