Clayco has been at the forefront of the data center boom across the US! Our team delivers high-performing centers fast and efficiently as we work alongside mission-critical design teams and engineers. Data centers are built by people for people, with every project team committing to positively impact the local community through improved morale, attracting labor, and setting up career paths with top talent in nearby cities.

If there are construction elements that we can consistently guarantee, it’s that our team will deliver a fusion of high-performance projects with creative solutions. As society increasingly depends on technology, so does the need for more facilities with enhanced performance capabilities. We also understand the importance of confidentiality in projects and design and use proven practices to build facilities safely and privately.

Our 30+ year mission-critical portfolio demonstrates our ability to deliver top-quality projects with an in-house team focused on efficient prefabrication designs for building structures and equipment. We have had 1.6 GW of data center density underway and have generated $2.6 billion of mission-critical revenue over the last few years. Since the announcement of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act, our team has helped American businesses capitalize on a wave of new initiatives with innovative developments. 

We assist enterprises in entering the data market by building centers designed to meet service requirements. Cloud computing, green energy solutions, and new technologies will benefit from vast networks of remote servers housed in Clayco-built data centers. There is a reason why Clayco was listed as one of the ENR Midwest’s 2023 Top Contractors – and it is our dedication to serving clients and neighborhoods to the best of our ability with every endeavor. 

As we continue to navigate the data center boom, there will be many more transformations to come!