Clayco is taking on a 250,000-square-foot residence hall project in Savannah, Georgia! The site is close to several of Savannah College of Art and Design’s (SCAD) facilities which have a large student population with no nearby housing. Because of the location and lack of available living space, this project presents a unique opportunity to provide more housing for students and create a statement building that will be visible from the downtown area.


The development will include a loading dock, convenience store, housing suites with offices for resident directors, a central laundry room, and more. While Clayco is the design-build contractor for the entire project, we partnered with Lamar Johnson Collaborative as the design architect for the garage and Mackey Mitchell for the residence hall.

I am excited to see how our sixth official project with SCAD helps to redevelop and innovate Savannah for students and the surrounding community! We love working with SCAD as they really represent the Art and Science of Building!


Learn more about the project here