My relationship with Centene dates back to 2008 when Clayco won its first project with the company to build a 21-story office tower, complete with a beautifully-designed public plaza and a 1,700-space parking garage. Working with Mr. Neidorff at Centene has been one of my greatest experiences. This first project was completed in 2010 and brought new life to Clayton, Missouri. Before the construction of Centene’s headquarters, the area was suffering from the financial collapse brought on by the economic recession. Clayco managed to develop a strategic financing plan, resulting in the entire facility being nearly fully leased in less than 15 months. The entire district was elevated as businesses quickly moved in and more people were present and supporting the businesses in the area. 

After this first success, of which we are very proud, Clayco was awarded the $770 million project of expanding Centene’s headquarters, providing a new structure that is adjacent to the current Centene Plaza. This expansion is also expected to create 2,000 new jobs for the state of Missouri, which is particularly important in these times.

Being that Centene is a national healthcare provider, the newly completed Centene Centre aims to promote a healthy and vibrant environment by creating pedestrian-friendly, fully-landscaped public green spaces. Additionally, the new buildings are environmentally friendly and are seeking to become LEED Gold certified. There is new office space, residential living, ground level retail, structured parking and a world class corporate executive training facility. Not only will the new center help meet Centene’s needs as it grows as a company, but it will also continue to enhance the city of Clayton’s Downtown Master Plan, boosting the lifestyle possibilities for the entire community.

Currently we have the Centene East Coast Headquarters Project under construction in Charlotte, and Centene continues to be one of our most valued partners in building a better, healthier world.