The Appalachian sustainable food company, AppHarvest, opened its two latest indoor agriculture facilities in Kentucky! AppHarvest develops and operates some of the world’s largest high-tech indoor farms. Clayco’s Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) team is focused on helping solve the company’s challenges to “fight the food fight for a resilient food system.”

AppHarvest has locations throughout Kentucky in Berea, Richmond, and Somerset, aiming to operate 12 high-tech indoor farms by the end of 2025. At the Berea 15-acre leafy green farm, Richmond 60-acre CEA farm, and 30-acre Somerset CEA farm, Clayco has acted as lead program manager to greenhouses, headhouses, utility plants, and site work while providing design, engineering, and construction services for the office portion of the projects. 

A fundamental part of Clayco is creating structures and initiatives that go beyond our walls and transform our communities, which aligns with AppHarvest’s mission of building a reliable, climate-resilient food system for a more endurable tomorrow. 

AppHarvest facilities are designed to grow produce using sunshine and rainwater to yield up to 30 times that of traditional agriculture. The United Nations reported that the global population has passed 8 billion, meaning we need innovative sustainability efforts to feed the growing population. AppHarvest uses world-class technology, such as AI and robotics, to improve access to a nutritious and resilient domestic food supply. 

Partnerships like this remind our team at Clayco of the importance of being selective of who we do business with – because the right collaborations leave us feeling positive and inspired about our operations and future.