EDGE West in Creve Coeur

Wow, Week 2 managed to keep up with the pace of week 1 with 10 more job sites in three days! We started out the week visiting Project Belmont in Indiana, Project Cougar in Michigan and then Etna Park 70 East in Ohio. On Wednesday we headed south to Kentucky to see the project for Nicklies in Louisville before heading over to Kansas City, Missouri to visit Horizon XI in Riverside and then Project Smile in St. Peters, Missouri. We finished out the week close to home in St. Louis with visits to the EDGE West in Creve Coeur, Centene’s Urban Campus in Clayton, One Hundred Above the Park St. Louis City and Delmar Divine in University City.

Project Belmont in Indiana

Centene’s Urban Campus in Clayton

Project Smile in St. Peters

A lot of cool projects at various stages in the building process! I’m hearing a lot of true grit on the job tour and it’s been an incredible experience. I am proud to feel the camaraderie across each job site. Our team is integrating the Clayco culture at each one across the country.

Also, we know our field workers are under tremendous stress. Kids zoom schooling from home, less household income and finding ways to take care of our parents is taking a toll. Clayco is rolling out our corporate Employee Assistance hotline program to every worker at all of our sites in a unique coverage that we hope becomes standard in the industry.

On the road again next week and see you all soon.