Designing for the next generation is an important trend in architecture and design. A forward-thinking architectural educator that I admire is Geoffrey Taylor, Dean of the School of Building Arts at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

A Harvard and SCAD graduate, he is a Doctor of Design and a major contributor to Savannah’s innovative design sector. Geoffrey believes that the responsibility of architects is to make good buildings that meet human needs while also addressing the impact of construction on the environment.

SCAD is continually recognized for educational excellence because of its commitment to the highest standards of achievement. Under Geoffrey’s leadership, students at the School of Building Arts become architects, designers, and preservationists who think strategically and form collaborative partnerships. In line with his vision, the school produces ethical practitioners of the building arts.

Geoffrey ensures SCAD students have direct mentoring experience with industry leaders and work on real-world projects that prepare them to design the world of tomorrow. He believes that mentoring relationships are an important part of what SCAD offers its students.

SCAD and Clayco have a terrific win-win relationship and working with Geoffrey is always rewarding. Our latest project is the redevelopment of Spring House, which will have two residential buildings for students, as well as dining and fitness facilities, and other amenities. SCAD is genuinely committed to combining the art and science of building.

What inspires me most about Geoffrey is his deep understanding of what students need to thrive and his goal of forging career paths for the next generation of creative minds. His commitment to developing critical thinking skills is an enormous value to our profession. I can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.